Mapping the elements of your nature

Based in a combination of ancient Five Element theory and the contemporary science of Human Design, energy mapping provides a new context for understanding your own unique mind-body connection and inner authority. When we are in touch with what true ‘yes’ and true ‘no’ actually feel like in the body, we can make decisions that area in alignment with our inner most truth. The more we do this, the more deeply our health and wellbeing thrives.

Everyone has a unique decision making process. By understanding our internal processes aka the mechanics of our energy, we are able to make decisions with more clarity, self trust, and certainty. True medicine helps you take your health back into your own hands. Together we turn challenges into strengths, problems in processes, and perceived limitations into assets.



Discover Your Self

Energy Mapping sessions are built in to your Holistic Eastern Medicine appointments as Aliksandra sees fit.

Together we:

  • Identify points of challenge in the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

  • Learn about the nature of our particular energy centers, our inner authority, and the dominant elements of our unique constitution.

  • Collaborate on and innovate strategies for navigating life with less resistance.