How you digest food is how you digest life.

Learning how to truly nourish yourself is a process of learning about how you are designed to take in nutrition from the environment, not just what you are consuming.

Nutrition is so much more than just the foods we eat - it’s not even really about food, it’s about digestion, because how you digest food is how you digest life. Are you a person who can multitask, or are you more comfortable doing one thing at a time? Do you feel good with noise and activity around you, or do you need quiet to really process? These are the questions we need to be asking in addition to considering exactly what kinds of foods we are eating.

Nourishment is unique to each individual.

There is no one way of eating that will work for all. When you can begin to understand how your unique body is naturally designed to digest not only food, but energy and information as well, you can start making choices that support your wellbeing. Everything you take in - whether it’s food, what you’re watching on TV, what you’re listening to, what you’re reading, who you’re surrounding yourself with - effects you. Holistic nutrition is about re-learning how to listen to yourself.



How Can I Help You?

Nutrition sessions are built in to your Holistic Eastern Medicine appointments as Aliksandra sees fit.

Together we:

  • Identify health concerns and challenges related to nutrition.

  • Learn about what nourishment means for you by uncovering how you’re designed to digest food and energy.

  • Collaborate on and innovate strategies for your optimal nutrition - both what you are consuming and how you are consuming it.



Plant Medicine for Inner Harmony

All medicine that exists is derived from plants. Herbal medicine is so powerful because instead of extracting certain active ingredients in different plants as is done in the production of contemporary pharmaceuticals, Herbalists use entire plants, stems, roots, branches, and/or leaves to treat illness.

Herbal Medicine is a delicate science of blending the various qualities of different plants into customized formulas that help rebalance the system. Herbs are a very power and highly effective modality of healing. They can treat chronic and acute illness.