Welcome! I feel so happy to be accompanying you on your journey towards optimum wellness and vitality.

I believe that Eastern Medicine is very special because it is such a physical, human medicine that requires connection and deep compassion. I believe that happiness is our birthright, and I love helping people find joy through balance.


Upon receiving your appointment confirmation email, you will be prompted to fill out some medical forms. It’s best to fill out these forms prior to your scheduled appointed. You are more then welcome to complete the forms in the office; however, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment so you have time to complete them. 

If you are on a complex medication and/or supplement regimen, please be sure to include everything you are taking. Please bring the latest blood work you have on hand as well.

The first session lasts approximately 90 minutes so we can review your health history, your current health concerns and goals, and create a collaborative strategy designed specifically for you. Follow-up visits last about an hour. 


Please bring any other information that may be helpful such as X-rays, lab test, blood work, MRI's, etc. Feel free to write down questions you may have ahead of time so that you don't forget anything you'd like to address. Any question or concern of yours is important to me, so please feel free to ask anything at all.

Try to arrive 5 or 10 minutes before your appointment to give yourself a chance to relax. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing that can be pulled above the knees and elbows. Try to avoid: 

  • Eating a large meal within one hour of your appointment

  • Fasting for more than six hours before your appointment

  • Alcohol, tobacco, food or drinks that color your tongue (such as coffee or matcha) immediately prior to treatment

  • Vigourous exercise or sexual activity within the hour before treatment


24-hour cancellation policy. To be considerate to both new and existing patients, you must cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your confirmed date and time. Credit card information (including 3 digit CVV code) will be collected when scheduling; this will ONLY be used if canceling within 24-hours, in which case you will be charged for a full treatment.


All insurance that covers out-of-network Acupuncture treatments is accepted.  If you are unsure of your policy, please complete the form on the Insurance page before your first visit so that we can confirm the details of your coverage.